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Die neue Generation der beheizbaren Einlegesohlen, Vulpés X-Line, ist verfügbar unter

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen / Dynamische Wärmesteuerung

Dynamic heat control

Automatic adjustment of the heat depending on the outside temperature

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen / Antibakterielle Eigenschaften


The materials used are non-toxic and have antibacterial properties

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen / Batterielaufzeit 3-7 Stunden

battery life

Long-lasting heating time of 3 - 7 hours*

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen mit Smartphone Steuerung

Smartphone control

Wireless temperature regulation by radio  using the free Vulpés app for iOS and Android

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen mit Sprachsteuerung

Voice control for Apple iOS

The Vulpés insoles can be controlled by voice with Apple iOS devices

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Fußwärmer / Intelligentes Sensorsystem

Intelligent sensor system

The temperature sensor ensures a stable heat supply and protects the user from overheating

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen / Zuschneidbar auf 3 Größen

Can be cut to size

Available in four sizes (S-35/36/37, M-38/39/40, L-41/42/43, XL-44/45/46) and each can be cut to size_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen / Wasserresistent nach IPX4

water resistant

Water-resistant construction according to IPX4 enables protection against moisture in rain, wet and snow

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Einlegesohlen / Robustes Design


Suitable for weights up to 200 kg / 440 pounds and a force of up to 20 N

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Fußwärmer / Aufgeladen per Mikro USB

Charging via micro USB

Charging via micro USB connection or conventional socket

Glide over the circles to learn more

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - intelligente beheizbare Einlegesohlen
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Antibakterielles, Geruchshemmendes




weiches und elastisches EVA


weiches und elastisches EVA


robuste Hartschale für hohe Belastungen

Fersenkissen mit Dämpfungseffekt

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - intelligente beheizbare Einlegesohlen mit Smartphone Steuerung

Vulpés wireless heated insoles

Farewell to cold feet! 

A walk on Sylt, a hiking tour through the Alps or a city trip to Oslo? Being on the move is everything! Master every adventure with the new generation of heated insoles, the Vulpés S-Line PLUS. Charge, connect, set your comfort temperature via smartphone. Your feet stay warm anytime, anywhere

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - intelligente beheizbare Einlegesohlen

Robust and powerful heating elements

The heating elements used are made of a robust and powerful material. In addition, these are encased in synthetic material to protect the heating material from water and external forces.

Dynamic heat control

The integrated temperature sensor supports heat regulation and ensures constant heat from the heating elements even when the outside temperature changes. This feature prevents a sharp reduction in heat output in colder environments compared to conventional electronic heating soleplates. The sensor also protects the insoles from overheating in a warm environment.

Large heating surface

The Vulpés S-Line PLUS uses the largest heating surfaces in wireless insoles and ensures pleasant heat distribution in the front foot area.

Intelligente beheizbare Einlegesohlen mit Smartphone Steuerung

Your individual feel-good temperature

with the electric foot warmers

It has never been so easy to adjust your individual feel-good temperature to your needs.

With the help of the mobile application for iOS and Android OS, the heat output of the heated insoles can be continuously adjusted. As the first "intelligent heated sole", the Vulpés S-Line PLUS uses the innovative Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 communication technology for faster signal transmission and a longer signal range.

Beheizbare Einlegesohlen - Wärmesteuerung per Smartphone

Greater range

The BLE 5.0 chip enables significantly higher ranges compared to other technologies. This ensures a more stable connection between the smartphone and the foot warmer.

3x times faster signal transmission

The latest communication technology enables signal transmission between the Vulpés heating soles and the smartphone to be up to three times faster.

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

The Vulpés S-Line PLUS uses the latest wireless technology for short-range applications for a seamless and fast connection with the smartphone.  

"Hey Siri, I'm cold"

With the voice control for the Apple iPhone you can easily switch the heated insoles from Vulpés on and off with your favorite phrase and set your desired heat. You have the option of configuring your voice control yourself. 

Try it:

Vulpés Nierengurt - Wärmesteuerung per Smartphone
Vulpés S-Line PLUS - beheizbare Fußwärmer mit Sprachsteuerung
Beheizbare Einlegesohlen mit hohem Komfort

Ergonomic shape of the heated soles for a comfortable feeling

The anatomical construction of the Vulpés S-Line PLUS ensures a comfortable walking experience despite the integrated electronics and the battery. The heel pads used and the soft EVA foam offer excellent relief and do not let your feet tire even on long hikes.


3D design shape

The Vulpés S-Line PLUS was developed in an ergonomically shell-shaped design. Thus, the foot arch is slightly stabilized and supported during movement .

Soft pads and foam

The heated insoles  have been equipped with soft EVA foam and supporting heel pads to increase the cushioning properties when stepping on them. 

Antibacterial multi-spandex

The surface material of the heated insoles has antibacterial properties and has an odor-inhibiting effect. The robust structure makes it easy to clean and slows down the fabric wear of the insoles. 

Beheizbare Einlegesohlen von Vulpés gegen kalte Füße für Outdoor

Your personal, mobile foot heating

Did the cold days dampen your spirit of enterprise in the past?

With the Vulpés S-Line PLUS, these will no longer restrict you. Because thanks to the foot warmers, the heating can now accompany you on your journey. All you have to do is cut the Vulpés thermal insoles to your right size and insert the electric insoles into your shoes. 

So say goodbye to annoying cables and cold feet!

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - intelligente beheizbare Einlegesohlen / Ergonomische Einlegesohlen / Antibakteriel
Comparison S-Line vs S-Line PLUS.png

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  • In which sizes is the Vulpés S-Line available?
    The Vulpés S-Line is available in four sizes. Please note the table when choosing the size:
  • Can I put the Vulpés S-Line in any shoe?
    The Vulpés S-Line is one of the thinnest fully integrated insoles on the market. Nevertheless, the insoles cannot be inserted into all shoes. The Vulpés S-Line is not suitable for shoes with high heels (e.g. high heels or wedges) or for shoes with a narrow cut (e.g. pumps). We therefore recommend using the Vulpés S-Line in suitable winter shoes. A good prerequisite for a perfect fit is a removable sole of the shoe.
  • How do I connect my insoles to my smartphone?
    Please fully charge your insoles the first time you use them. You only activate the wireless connection when you charge it. Please then download the mobile application Apple iTunes or Google Play Store down. After installation, you can click on the foot area of your personal avatar in the inventory menu and add the insoles with the plus (+) sign. Both insoles are automatically added and calibrated to the corresponding smartphone. The following tutorial shows the individual steps in more detail: Have fun heating!
  • With which smartphones can I use the Vulpés S-Line?
    The Vulpés S-Line can be used with a) Apple iPhone 5+ or newer and the latest operating version b) Android devices operating version 7.0 or higher are used. Please note that not all Android devices are compatible with the wireless module.
  • Can I control the Vulpés S-Line without a smartphone?
    The Vulpés S-Line can also be controlled without using the smartphone. With the help of the built-in push button you can switch the insoles on and off and choose between three modes (low, medium, high).
  • Why does the connection to my device sometimes break off?
    For fully charged devices, the connection strength depends on the transmit and receive signal, which are affected by the following factors: Send module The Vulpés insoles always use the latest communication technology that is currently available on the market and adapt it annually to the latest standards. For the Vulpés S-Line we use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 communication module designed for wearables. With the help of the BLE 4.2, the devices can communicate with each other at a distance of up to 20 meters and the exchange between the server and client can be up to 2.5 times faster than with the previous version. In addition, the new system saves battery life and is therefore more efficient than its predecessor. The implementation of BLE 5.0 is currently being worked on at full speed. Receiver module in the smartphones Depending on the smartphone manufacturer and the operating system used, the reception quality of the signals may vary. Many manufacturers use BLE modules, which are not suitable for frequent use of other hardware devices. For a stable connection, we currently recommend using Apple products. For Android devices, it must be checked in advance whether a corresponding BLE module (not to be confused with BlueTooth) is installed. In particular, the older smartphones such as the Samsung S3 / S4 or the models from the manufacturer Huawai do not have adequate hardware for seamless connection with other devices. In addition, the Android software from version 7.0 offers a stable connection using the BLE interface. Products with older software versions can often experience disconnections or long synchronization times. Possible sources of interference The Bluetooth signal can be weakened by the following interference effects: Interference sources such as microwave ovens, wireless speakers, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz phones, wireless video transmitters, power sources, other wireless devices, etc. Shielding materials such as metal, concrete, plaster, marble, brick, water, etc. In the event of brief connection problems, it can help to restart the mobile application, bring the smartphone close to the insoles and then allow the connection to be reestablished.
  • What do I have to consider when using the insoles in manual mode?
    You activate the manual mode using the button built into the inside and have the option of choosing between three heat levels. These are displayed in the following colors: Red: High Purple: Medium Blue: Low Before using the insoles in manual mode, we recommend checking which of the heat levels is most suitable for you and your application, as each person has a different sensitivity to cold and heat. Once the insoles are placed in the shoes, changing the temperature in manual mode is extremely cumbersome.

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*Battery life depends on various factors such as heat setting, ambient temperature, temperature of feet, length of idle time, number of charging cycles, etc. The calculated average runtime of 3-7 hours is a guideline based on reference values (e.g. 10°C, use in a hiking shoe, conventional temperature distribution of the foot) and can deviate depending on the above-mentioned factors and user behavior. In addition, the heat output of the size XL may differ, as the product has a larger heat pad installed. 

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