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Vulpés Wärmegürtel gegen Periodenschmerzen

Active heat, with one click

discover the new generation ofVulpés heat belt

Vulpés Wärmegürtel gegen Menstruationsschmerzen

It doesn't matter whether it's cold, raining or snowing - you'll always stay warm with smart clothing from Vulpés

Vulpés smart, heated clothing is designed to warm you up on cold days. With the help of your smartphone or a button, you can precisely set your personal feel-good temperature.

Just try it:

Your heated vest, suitable for every situation

Vulpés Ganymed was designed as an undervest to support the user with active warmth both in everyday life and in extreme conditions, especially in winter. The vest protects the user from wind, rain or snow through the use of high-quality materials and stores the heat generated longer with the help of the integrated insulating layer.

Vulpés Ganymed Heizweste mit Smartphone Steuerung
Vulpés Ganymed beheizbare Weste mit Smartphonesteuerung

Fashion meets technology

Vulpés Mercury was designed for everyday use and combines powerful technology with a noble design. The high-quality materials and excellent workmanship "Made in Italy" make the heated mittens a visually appealing and at the same time functional accessory for the cold season. 

Vulpés Mercury - beheizbare Design Fäustlinge
Vulpés Mercury - beheizbare Fäustlinge
Vulpés Mercury - beheizbare Fäustlinge

Well-being and health with a smart heated warming belt

Vulpés heatable clothing supports the body with pleasant warmth. Especially the heated oneWarming belt for the abdomenand theheated kidney beltfor the lower back can help with painful cramps. In addition to the precise control of the desired heat via smartphone, other intelligent applications such as the timer function can help with heat application. 

Vulpés beheizter Nierengurt für Rücken-, Becken- Nierenbereich
Vulpés beheizbarer Nierengurt für Rücken-, Becken- Nierenbereich
Vulpés beheizbarer Nierengurt für Rücken-, Becken- Nierenbereich
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