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Vulpés Mercury beheizbarer Fäustlinge für Damen

Vulpés Mercury
heated mittens for women

€ 189.90

Beheizbare Fäustlinge
Actively heatable

Heat output up to 60°C in the front area of the fingers and thumb

Beheizbare Fäustlinge mit Graphen Technologie
graph technology

Efficient, safe and even heat distribution using innovative graphene technology

Beheizbare Fäustlinge - Wärmedauer 2-5 Stunden
battery life

Long-lasting heat duration from 2 up to 5 hours depending on the outside temperature

Beheizbare Fäustlinge aus Kunstfell / Eco fur
Faux fur / Eco fur

Vulpés Mercury only uses hand-knotted artificial fur. The Eco fur is used as an inner lining for excellent wearing comfort

Fäustlinge aus ultra-softem Premiummaterial

Ultra soft material

Light  and cuddly soft inner lining offers the  ideal comfort
Beheizbare Fäustlinge sind für Handwünsche geeignet
hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to waterproof electronics, the heated mittens are suitable for hand washing

Vulpés Mercury - beheizbare Fäustlinge aus Premiummaterial
premium materials

The Vulpés Mercury consists of a soft  and fine  material, which offers excellent comfort and is at the same time less bulky

Beheizbare Fäustlinge sind atmungsaktiv und kuschelweich zu tragen

The material used has a natural breathable effect and allows excess moisture to escape

Heated mittens for women

Designed for everyday life

Vulpés Mercury combines powerful technology with an elegant design. The high-quality materials and excellent workmanship "Made in Italy" make the heated mittens a visually appealing and at the same time functional accessory for the cold season. 

Ob beim bequemen Spaziergang, beim Outdoor Abenteuer oder beim Wintersport die beheizbaren Fäustlinge wärmen sowohl aktiv als auch passiv die Finger . The built-in heating elements and the insulating inner lining keep your hands warm and increase well-being in every situation. 

Vulpés Mercury beheizbare Fäustlinge für Damen
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Vulpés Mercury - beheizbare Fäustlinge

Premium materials

Die beheizbaren Fäustlinge von Vulpés bestehen aus einem ultra-soften und feinem Material, welches die Wärme hervorragend isoliert und die Protect hands from external weather conditions. At the same time, the thickness of the material is up to 50% thinner with the same properties and thus appears less bulky.

Soft and cuddly

The light and cuddly soft inner lining offers excellent wearing comfort. Thanks to the microscopic pore system, the heatable mittens have breathable properties and allow excess moisture to escape. 

High resistance to pilling

The excellent composition of the used material enables a high pilling resistance and resistance to material wear.

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Warmth makes you happy

Warm hands and feet are particularly beneficial for well-being. The lined  heatable mittens for women ensure a pleasantly warm ambience even when the ambient temperature is cold. 

Your hands no longer have to disappear into your jacket pocket, but can calmly enjoy your freedom of movement.

Vulpés Mercury - beheizbare Fäustlinge

wcrms up to 60°C

Vulpés Mercury has a thermal performance of up to 60°C with a focus on the most sensitive areas, namely the fingers and thumb. 

Comprehensive and even heat

The graphene elements of the heated mittens ensure even heat distribution without causing "hot spots" at selected points. The comprehensive graphene technology ensures a pleasant and unique thermal experience.

3 stage heat control system

The built-in knob is used to control the heat and can be adjusted in three levels (yellow = low / orange = medium / red = high).

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Developed in Germany / Handmade in Italy

Vulpés Mercury is a European product that was designed and developed in Germany and handcrafted in Italy. The product is characterized, among other things, by first-class workmanship and the high quality of the material. 

That "limited edition"Model is available in velvet black color with two ring variations in rose gold and onyx black. 

Beheizbare Handschuhe für Damen

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  • In which sizes is the Vulpés S-Line available?
    The Vulpés S-Line is available in four sizes. Please note the table when choosing the size:
  • Can I put the Vulpés S-Line in any shoe?
    The Vulpés S-Line is one of the thinnest fully integrated insoles on the market. Nevertheless, the insoles cannot be inserted into all shoes. The Vulpés S-Line is not suitable for shoes with high heels (e.g. high heels or wedges) or for shoes with a narrow cut (e.g. pumps). We therefore recommend using the Vulpés S-Line in suitable winter shoes. A good prerequisite for a perfect fit is a removable sole of the shoe.
  • How do I connect my insoles to my smartphone?
    Please fully charge your insoles the first time you use them. You only activate the wireless connection when you charge it. Please then download the mobile application Apple iTunes or Google Play Store down. After installation, you can click on the foot area of your personal avatar in the inventory menu and add the insoles with the plus (+) sign. Both insoles are automatically added and calibrated to the corresponding smartphone. The following tutorial shows the individual steps in more detail: Have fun heating!
  • With which smartphones can I use the Vulpés S-Line?
    The Vulpés S-Line can be used with a) Apple iPhone 5+ or newer and the latest operating version b) Android devices operating version 7.0 or higher are used. Please note that not all Android devices are compatible with the wireless module.
  • Can I control the Vulpés S-Line without a smartphone?
    The Vulpés S-Line can also be controlled without using the smartphone. With the help of the built-in push button you can switch the insoles on and off and choose between three modes (low, medium, high).
  • Why does the connection to my device sometimes break off?
    For fully charged devices, the connection strength depends on the transmit and receive signal, which are affected by the following factors: Send module The Vulpés insoles always use the latest communication technology that is currently available on the market and adapt it annually to the latest standards. For the Vulpés S-Line we use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 communication module designed for wearables. With the help of the BLE 4.2, the devices can communicate with each other at a distance of up to 20 meters and the exchange between the server and client can be up to 2.5 times faster than with the previous version. In addition, the new system saves battery life and is therefore more efficient than its predecessor. The implementation of BLE 5.0 is currently being worked on at full speed. Receiver module in the smartphones Depending on the smartphone manufacturer and the operating system used, the reception quality of the signals may vary. Many manufacturers use BLE modules, which are not suitable for frequent use of other hardware devices. For a stable connection, we currently recommend using Apple products. For Android devices, it must be checked in advance whether a corresponding BLE module (not to be confused with BlueTooth) is installed. In particular, the older smartphones such as the Samsung S3 / S4 or the models from the manufacturer Huawai do not have adequate hardware for seamless connection with other devices. In addition, the Android software from version 7.0 offers a stable connection using the BLE interface. Products with older software versions can often experience disconnections or long synchronization times. Possible sources of interference The Bluetooth signal can be weakened by the following interference effects: Interference sources such as microwave ovens, wireless speakers, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz phones, wireless video transmitters, power sources, other wireless devices, etc. Shielding materials such as metal, concrete, plaster, marble, brick, water, etc. In the event of brief connection problems, it can help to restart the mobile application, bring the smartphone close to the insoles and then allow the connection to be reestablished.
  • What do I have to consider when using the insoles in manual mode?
    You activate the manual mode using the button built into the inside and have the option of choosing between three heat levels. These are displayed in the following colors: Red: High Purple: Medium Blue: Low Before using the insoles in manual mode, we recommend checking which of the heat levels is most suitable for you and your application, as each person has a different sensitivity to cold and heat. Once the insoles are placed in the shoes, changing the temperature in manual mode is extremely cumbersome.

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