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warranty conditions

This limited warranty applies to your product for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase of the product.
If this product proves to be defective in design, material or workmanship under normal use and service during the warranty period, a Vulpés authorized contractor will, at its option, either repair or replace the product subject to the conditions set out below. Vulpés or its contractual partners reserve the right to charge a handling fee if the returned product does not fall under the warranty conditions set out here. 
a. This limited warranty is valid only if the original sales receipt, issued by an authorized Vulpés dealer for this product, showing the serial number and date of purchase is presented with the product to be repaired or replaced. Vulpés reserves the right to refuse warranty service if this information has been removed or modified after the product was purchased. 
b. If Vulpés repairs or replaces the Product, the repair of the affected defect or the replaced Product is warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair, whichever is longer . Repair or replacement can be carried out with functionally equivalent, repaired components. Replaced components or assemblies become the property of Vulpés.  
c. This warranty does not apply to failures of the equipment resulting from normal wear and tear or abuse, subject to Vulpés instructions for use and maintenance. This warranty also does not apply to equipment failures resulting from accidents, hardware and software modifications and adjustments, acts of God, and damage caused by liquids. 
i.e. A battery can be charged and discharged more than one hundred (100) times. Nevertheless, it is subject to a certain wear and tear. This is not a defect, but normal wear and tear. 
e. The guarantee does not cover product defects caused by installations, modifications, repairs or opening of the product by persons not authorized by Vulpés. 
f. There are no express warranties, whether written or oral, other than this warranty. All implied warranties, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are effective only for the duration of the warranty set forth herein. In no event shall Vulpés or the Licensors, to the extent that liability is disclaimed by law, be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to lost profits and economic loss

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