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For the heroes of everyday life

Whether in theoffshore, agricultural or construction industry,in thepublic sector,in themedical corpsor at thepolice, the professionals take on the challenge all year round changing temperatures and weather conditions.

In order to master everyday work successfully, you need not only good technical training but also one that is appropriate to the weatherprofessional equipmentwho  can ensure that the professionals at all times against extreme weather conditionsand resultingprotected against health risksare. In addition to the health aspect  good equipment also serves thesecurityand theFeeling good. 

With the help ofintelligent heated clothingfromvulpesthe skilled workers can, regardless of the Wetter  do outstanding work even in extremely cold seasons without endangering their health.

True everyday heroesdo not need a waving cape, but professional equipment that  can offer you all-round thermal protection.


Smart workwear

By integrating the sensors, heating elements, the lighting systems, the communication technology and other  electronic components into the work clothing, thesafety, healthandProductivity of employees can be increased. For example, embedded sensors can provide information about theburden on the employeemeet, by supplying the heatwellbeingincrease and continuously measure the ambient air for pollutants. An intelligent alarmmanagement-SIn the event of danger, the system can warn employees, for example, with the help of the embedded LED and navigate them out of the danger zone.

By networking the devices and the flow of data, the productivity of the employees can be significantly increased by all the necessaryinformation for usecan be retrieved directly from the servers . Thus, the employee can make decisions without delay.

Did you know that the technology used is thelatest safety standardsfulfilled andshockproofsuch aswaterproofbe designed can?

Vulpés smart heating technology

heat regulation

Vulpés smart LED technology

Intelligent lighting systems

Vulpés smart alarm management

alarm systems

Vulpés vital signs monitoring

Vital data measurement

Vulpés localization and tracking


Will Vulpés technology meet my operational needs? Please contact us if you have any questions or would like expert advice.

Intelligente Kleidung für die Industrie
Smarte Sportkleidung

More performance and better health through intelligent sportswear

Each person has different anatomical requirements and canindividual trainingbased on thecontinuous data analysisthe movements, thevital dataas well as themuscle workachieve optimal performance results while avoiding overexertion and the associated negative consequences. The smart clothing points the user to thecorrect postureand supports him with his Indoor  and Outdoor  exercises.

Furthermore, the clothing sagsthermal supportInjuries and ensures abetter performancein colder surroundings.  

Did you knowthat smart sportswear can also have breathable and water-repellent properties?

Vulpés smart heating technology

heat regulation

Vulpés smart LED technology

Intelligent lighting systems

Vulpés vital signs monitoring

measurement of physiological data

Vulpés motion tracking

Motion Monitoring

Vulpés tracking


How do you integrate electronics into sportswear?

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Vulpés Fashion-Tech Kleidung

Fashion meets technology

For the leisure sector, intelligent clothing plays an important role in increasing thecomforts. The smart clothing analyzes and recognizes the user's wishes based on the preset preferences and changes the corresponding properties. For example, smart clothing canMeasure biometric data, theanalyze posture,Warm sensitive body part, through the movement therecharge the batteryand theplay favorite song. The interaction between all clothing elements allows the user to feel comfortable in any situation, in any weather condition. 

Did you know that the electronic components can be delicately integrated into the clothing so that they do not restrict freedom of movement when worn?

Vulpés smart heating technology


Vulpés Sound in Motion technology

audio signals

Vulpés energy harvesting

energy generation

Vulpés gesture and voice command

gestures and voice control

Vulpés smart LED technology

Intelligent lighting systems

Is the desired property not included?

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For better health 

The intelligent clothing enables the improvement of health through amore precise, preventive diagnosisandoptimized therapy. Continuous vital data measurements provide data for more precise analysis and indicate early information regarding potential disorders. The diagnosis is becoming increasingly forward-looking and provides trends in the development of health and risks (see predictive health care). This enables the attending physician to set a timely therapy to counteract the potential disease before it even breaks out can (see prevention management). 

Even in the case of acute injuries, intelligent clothing can be used immediatelybody analysissend the data to the emergency service  before it arrives at the location. The emergency paramedic / doctor knows exactly which treatments and which equipment he needs for the operation and thus saves life-saving time. 

Also in therapy applications, the smart clothing can provide targeted treatments  and these perTrigger a button, gesture or voice control.For people with disabilities, intelligent clothing can also provide significant added value when it comes to handling. 

Did you knowthat the smart clothing can be_used  as a therapy assistant?

Vulpés vital signs monitoring

Vital data measurement

Vulpés alarm management system

alarm management

Vulpés smart heating technology

heat regulation

Vulpés gesture and voice command

gesture and language


Vulpés digital therapy support

therapy support

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Smartes Krankenhaus

Safety and protection first

During the operation, the smart clothing can provide better protection  and improve operational readiness. With the help of the integrated sensors, the clothing measures the vital data, examines the environment for dangers and alerts the user to abnormalities.

In particular, cold and wet conditions can impair performance. Appropriate clothingwater-repellentandheatableProperties sustainably increases health and effectiveness during tactical use. Individual items of clothing can be based on theSensor fusion systemevaluate the body temperature and theWarm up clothing autonomously, so that the body does not cool down. 

for onemore efficient coordinationof the troops, the integrated localization function and the wireless communication can facilitate deployment andreduce response time

Did you knowthat smart clothing can be used at ambient temperatures down to -50°C?

Vulpés smart heating technology

heat regulation

Vulpés localization and tracking

Localization & Tracking

Vulpés vital signs monitoring

Measurement of vital data

Vulpés object detection system

object detection



Autonomous Control

Do you have an idea and need support with project implementation? Then contact us if you would like specialist advice.

Intelligente Kleidung für das Militär
Vernetztes Zuhause

The networked home, efficient and digital

Smart Home is a well-known application in which the customer has all the data of his home at a glance and can adapt it to his needs. Ofwarmthup to den light settingsand the desired onegenrethe user can adjust wirelessly.


In addition to the comfort and the efficiency aspects, the iintelligent security systemsthe home and alert the owner of privacy and security breaches. 

Did you know,that the heat   and communication technology of intelligent clothing can also be used for "home care" applications?

Vulpés smart heating technology

heat regulation

Vulpés smart LED technology

Intelligent lighting systems

Vulpés safety and security

security systems

Vulpés voice command

Voice control

Vulpés remote control

Remote control

What else can smart systems do? Contact us if you have any questions or would like expert advice.

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