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Vulpé's Belly Belt
intelligent heated heat belt

Pre-order the new set - delivery end of October 2022

€ 79.90

Vulpés BellyBelt - beheizbarer Wärmegürtel mit innovativer Wärmetechnik

Efficient heat output

The heat output of the heat belt can be adjusted up to a maximum of 60°C and is monitored by a temperature sensor

Vulpés BellyBelt - beheizbarer Wärmegürtel steuerbar per Smartphone

Control via smartphone

Stepless temperature regulation using the free Vulpés app for iOS and Android OS

Vulpés Wärmegürtel - Sprachsteuerung

Voice control with Apple iOS

The Vulpés heat belt can be controlled by voice with Apple iOS devices


timer function

With the timer in the app, the user can switch off the heat belt automatically after 5 to 30 minutes

Vulpés Beheizbarer Wärmegürtel mit innovativer Graphen Heiztechnik

graph elements

Efficient and even heat distribution using innovative graphene technology

Ultra softer Wärmegürtel von Vulpés

Ultra Soft

Light and cuddly softTeddy super fluffywith  ideal wearing comfort

Vulpés BellyBelt - wiederaufladbarer Wärmegürtel

hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to waterproof electronics, the smart thermal belt is suitable for hand washing

Vulpés BellyBelt - elektrisch beheizbarer Wärmegürtel

power supply

Flexible energy supply thanks to the mobile, rechargeable power bank (5V/2A)

Wärmeeinstellung für positiven Beitrag zur Stimmung

mood fashion

Predefined heat settings to support feelings

Vulpés Wärmegürtel - Over Air Upgrades

Over-air upgrades

In the future, new functions will be unlocked for the heating belt with the help of "over-air upgrades".

Slide the circles to learn more about the Vulpés Warming Belt

Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel

Wärmefläche mit integrierten Graphenelementen

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Controller (wasserdicht)

Powerbank Tasche mit integriertem USB Kabel

Ultra-softes Material mit samtig weicher Oberfläche

Hochwertiger Klettverschluß mit hervorragenden Hafteigenschaften

Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel / mit Wärme gegen Schmerzen

With warmth against pain!

Vulpés heat belt - the ultimate companion for stomach and abdominal pain

Pulling and cramps in the abdomen - almost every woman knows the unpleasant feeling, which can have a strong impact on everyday life.


To improve women's well-being, we at Vulpés have developed the intelligent heated thermal belt. This was designed by women for women to support abdominal, abdominal and menstrual pain as well as bladder infections. Its heat relaxes and relieves painful cramps, offering great comfort. 

The heat belt, which can be operated intuitively, can be placed flexibly around the stomach and nestles comfortably against the skin with its velvety soft surface. The heat can be adjusted manually via three levels or via the app to the individually desired feel-good temperature. 

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Anatomically shaped heating surfaces with a great feel-good factor

The graphene-based heating elements are incorporated in the front area of the Vulpés heat belt and ensurepleasantandevenlydistributeddeep heat. thesemicircular shapetheheat padsadapts perfectly to the contours of the stomach and abdomen and thus covers a large heating surface, which ensures a cozy ambience.

Robust and efficient heating elements

The heating technology used consists of a robust and powerful graphene material. Graphene is an excellent and innovative thermal conductor. In addition to good thermal efficiency, the graphene elements are one thing above all: extremely safe. The material can be used under different climatic conditionshigh mechanical stresssuch aswith moisture and waterbe used without hesitation.

Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel

Dynamic heat control

The integrated temperature sensor supports heat regulation and ensuresconstant warmth of the heating elementseven if the outside temperature changes. This function prevents a sharp decrease in the thermal output in colder environments compared to conventional heated warming belts. In additionprotectsthe sensor the heated belt from overheatingin a warm environment.


With unlimited comfort

The anatomical design and the soft, high-quality materials offer a high level of comfort. The thermal belt was designed especially for mobile applications and can be worn underneath clothing.  

Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel / Hochwertiger Klettverschluss

Portableunder the clothes

Whether at home, in the office, by bike or when travelling, the warming waist belt from Vulpés can be worn comfortably under the top without the heat belt being visible to the outside. 

WithTeddy super fluffy

Teddy Superfleece is a soft and warm material with skin-friendly properties. The fabric is insulating, durable and cuddly at the same time. 

15x longer service life

The Velcro fastener used not only has excellent adhesive properties, but is also made from high-quality material. It allows the user to use the Velcro up to 15 times longer compared to conventional products. This increases the service life, especially with frequent use. 

Vulpés Bellybelt - indoor shoot.jpg

Hot water bottle was yesterday! 

With the Vulpés heat belt, you no longer have to wait for your feel-good temperature, but can precisely die  heat outputwith the button or the smartphone you need at the moment. 

Smartphone Steuerung
Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel / Smartphone Steuerung
Vulpés Smart Apparel - GooglePlay Sore

Heat control with the app

With the Vulpés app for iOS and Android OS it is possible to adjust the warmth of the waist belt to personal needs. The user can select their individual comfort temperature between 1 and 100%. 

memory function

The mobile application remembers your last heat setting. As soon as you use the app again, the heated belt will heat up right where it last stopped. 

"Over air" upgrades
With the help of "over-air" upgrades, new properties and features can be added via an update of the app. In the future, the heatable warming belt will be equipped with additional functions.

"Hey Siri,I'm cold"

With theVoice control for the Apple iPhoneyou can easily switch the Vulpés heat belt on and off with your favorite phrase and set the heat you want. You have the option of configuring your voice control yourself. 

Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel / Sprachsteuerung
Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel

your individualheat time

With the Vulpés heat belt, you have the option of setting your own personal timer for heating your stomach and abdomen.


Whether it's before bed or in the office, the smart timer can help deliver the targeted heat in a pre-determined period of time and then turn off automatically. The function not only offers more convenience, but also saves battery life. 


Heat as a supplement for amore positivemood

je according to emotional state, the temperature of the body changes. Certain areas of the body cool down more quickly in people who are stressed, sad or even depressed. 

a gTargeted use of heat can help lift mood. With the so-called "mood fashion" the Vulpés heat belt can release the heat based on predefined emotions.

Vulpés beheizbarer Wärmegürtel, dient als Entspannung bei Krämpfen
Vulpés BellyBelt - beheizbarer Wärmegürtel

Power ON!


Any 5V / 2A power bank can be used for flexible energy supply and positioned in the bag provided for this purpose with a maximum length of 15 cm and a maximum width of 9 cm. The heat belt already has an integrated USB connection, so that no additional connection cables are required. The Velcro on the bag ensures the firm stability of the power bank and prevents it from falling out when lying down, sitting or walking. 

Important! Before use, please switch on the PowerBank so that the heat belt is supplied with power. 


Graphene - the material of the future

Graphene is considered the "super material" of the 21st century. This can conduct energy and heat better than copper, is transparent and extremely flexible, is more stable than concrete and stronger than steel.

At Vulpés, we take advantage of graphene's excellent thermal properties and use it in an adapted form to generate heat.


In addition to good thermal efficiency, the graphene elements are one thing above all: extremely safe. The material can be used without hesitation in various climatic conditions, under high mechanical stress, as well as in moisture and water. 

Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel / Robuste Graphene Technologie

More efficient than the hot water bottle and cheaper than a heat patch

Targeted heat transmission with graphene elements requires the Vulpés BellyBeltless energyand generatedlonger heatcompared to conventional hot water bottles.

In addition, the heat belt has a larger cost advantagewith more frequent use andreducedtheecological footprintcompared to the usual heat patches.

Vulpés BellyBelt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel / Effizienter Einsatz von Energie


All too often we associate menstruation with nothing but negative things - it causes us pain, discomfort and reduces our resilience in everyday life - but beyond that, the period, as part of the female cycle, is so much more than just annoying; She is the soil of female creativity.

That's why we say: LOVE YOURSELF MORE, because your body needs a lot of care and attention, especially during menstruation. The Vulpés heat belt can serve as a pleasantly warming companion and make the period of menstrual pain easier for you. 

Our contribution

in the fight against endometriosis

At Vulpés, we use our heat technology to help you with pain relief. While our products don't offer the complete solution, they can help with milder cases. Because that's exactly why we develop our technologies to make your everyday life easier when you have problems and challenges.

Specialists should definitely be consulted for comprehensive treatment of endometriosis. 

Wärme gegen Endometriose

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Frequently asked questions about the heat belt


1. Can the Vulpés heat belt also be used on the back?

In principle, you can also use the Vulpés BellyBelt to relieve back pain by simply turning the heat belt around. Due to the round shape, the heated belt adapts perfectly to the pelvic and lower back area.

2. Is the power bank included?

With the new version of the Vulpés BellyBelt, the 5000mAh power bank is included as standard in the package. It is also possible to use an alternative power bank (max. 5V / 2A). However, we recommend using the Vulpés Power Bank for the optimal heat experience.

3. Can the Vulpés heat belt be washed?

For the cleaning process, we recommend hand washing without detergents. The electronics are completely sealed and are therefore waterproof according to IP67. After washing, it is advisable to dry the heat belt before using it again.


4. How can I adjust the warmth of the Vulpés Warming Belt?

You can control the heated belt both in manual mode (3 levels - yellow, orange and red) via the built-in button and via the smartphone. Apple customers have the option of using voice control. 

The free mobile application can be downloaded from

a. Google Play Store (Link: or

b. iTunes (Link:

be downloaded.


5. How long is the Vulpés heat belt?

The new version of the heating belt is divided into two sizes S [60-90cm] and M [85-120cm] and can be adjusted with Velcro. 


6. Does the Vulpés heat belt help against endometriosis?

The heated belt offers thermal support against the symptoms of endometriosis. In milder cases, the heat can have a pain-relieving effect. However, the heat belt was not developed for medical treatment. For therapeutic treatment, we recommend that you consult the respective specialist.

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