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Vulpés Nierengurt - intelligenter beheizbarer Wärmegürtel

Vulpé's kidney belt
intelligent heated heat belt

€ 79.90

Dynamic heat control.png

Dynamic heat control

Heat output up to 60°C

Graphene Technology.png

graph elements

Efficient, safe and even heat distribution using innovative graphene technology

Smartphone control.png

Control via smartphone

Individual temperature regulation using the free Vulpés app for iOS and Android OS


power supply

Flexible energy supply thanks to the mobile, rechargeable power bank (5V/2A)


Ultra Soft

Light and cuddly soft Teddy Superflausch, which offers ideal wearing comfort


hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to waterproof electronics, the smart thermal belt is suitable for hand washing

Heizgürtel Wärmesteuerung
Dynamic heat control

Variable heat adjustment depending on the outside temperature

Nierengurt beheizbar - Schmetterlingsdesign
butterfly design

Anatomical heat pad structure for targeted heating of the back, kidney and pelvic areas

Rückengurt - Smartphonesteuerung
Control via smartphone

Individual temperature regulation using the free Vulpés app for iOS and Android OS

Wärmegürtel - atmungsaktives Bambus Material
Breathable material

The material of the Vulpés kidney belt consists of 95% breathable bamboo fabric and 5% spandex  

Heizgürtel - Sprachsteuerung
Voice control with Apple iOS

The Vulpés kidney belt can be controlled by voice with Apple iOS devices

Beheizbarer Wärmegürtel -  Graphene Technologie
Innovative graph technology

The Vulpés kidney belt uses the currently most modern, efficient and safest heat pad technology, graphene. This ensures constant surface heat, which offers a higher feel-good factor.  

Smarter Wärmegürtel mit Temperatureinstellung
Over-air upgrades

New functions will be unlocked in the future with the Vulpés kidney belt  with the help of "over-air upgrades".

Wärmegürtel ultra leicht
Ultra light

The ultra-light material combination of bamboo and spandex reduces the carrying weight and increases comfort, especially during sports or work

Elektrischer Wärmegürtel mit Power Bank
power supply

Flexible energy supply thanks to the mobile, rechargeable power bank (5V/2A)

Wärmegürtel Handwäsche
hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to waterproof electronics, the smart kidney warmer is suitable for hand washing

Rücken- und Nierenwärmer für Unterwegs

The Vulpés kidney belt

Your active back and kidney warmer for on the go

The heatable kidney belt from Vulpés supports you on cold days during sports, at work or in your free time. The pleasant feel-good warmth can relax the surrounding muscles and promote blood circulation. 

Dynamic heat control

The integrated temperature sensor supports heat regulation and ensuresconstant warmth of the heating elementseven if the outside temperature changes. This function prevents a sharp reduction in heat output in colder environments compared to conventional heatable kidney belts. In additionprotectsthe sensor the heated back warmer from overheatingin a warm environment.

Robust and efficient heating elements

The heating surfaces used are made of a robust and powerful graphene material. Graphene is an excellent and innovative thermal conductor. In addition to good thermal efficiency, the graphene elements are one thing above all: extremely safe. The material can be used under different climatic conditionshigh mechanical stresssuch aswith moisture and waterbe used without hesitation.

Intelligenter Wärmegürtel gegen Schmerzen

Heat support for back and kidney problems

Stress on the lower back muscles results from strains and overexertion. These create tension in the muscles and soft tissues, particularly around the lower spine. As a result, this restricts proper blood circulation and sends pain signals to the brain. 


The application of heat can help relieve the pain caused by muscle spasms and the associated tightness in the lower back through several mechanisms. 
a. Heat dilates the blood vessels in the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients, which helps the damaged tissue to heal.
b. Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin and partially relieves the discomfort.
c. The application of heat facilitates the stretching of soft tissues, including muscles and connective tissue. 


Die Wärme trägt zur der Abnahme der Steifigkeit, erhöht die Flexibilität sowie den Komfort.  Dies hilft nicht nur for acute symptoms, but also has a preventive effect.* 

*Please consult your doctor for possible back or kidney problems or recommendations for therapeutic measures. 

Vulpés Nierengurt - beheizbarer Nierenwärmer gegen Rückenschmerzen

Surface heating with a great feel-good factor

In contrast to conventional heating wires, the graphene elements provide aall-over heat. These heat up a larger area, especially the skin and the underlying tissue. The heating elements of the heated belt cover the kidney, pelvis and lower back areas. 

Beheizbarer Rücken- und Beckengurt mit Schmetterlingsdesign

Inspired by nature.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   perfected by technology.

The shape of the heated kidney belt is based on the butterfly wings and provides targeted warmth in the kidney, back and pelvic areas. 

Vulpés Nierengurt - beheizbarer Nierenwärmer / Atmungsaktiv / hohe Qualität

butterfly design

The Vulpés kidney belt was designed in the shape of a butterfly with wings spread wide. The wavy shape covers the most sensitive areas of the middle and lower back, the pelvis and the kidneys. In this way, the heat can be transferred to the sensitive areas. 

Large heating surface

The heating belt has extraordinarily large heating surfaces that cover the lower back area. These ensure pleasant warmth and deep relaxation of the back muscles.

With breathable properties

The materials used, based on bamboo fabric, have breathable properties and ensure a pleasant microclimate in the heat belt. In addition, the graphene thermal layer is perforated and allows moisture to escape from the belt. Both prevent the accumulation of moisture and ensure a high level of comfort during sports and work. 

Vulpés Nierengurt - beheizbarer Nierenwärmer für Outdoor

Ideal for movement 

The ultra-light material properties offer the user freedom of movement without bulky and thick layers of clothing. The kidney warmer can be worn close to the body under clothing without being restricted in everyday life, during sports or at work.

The structure of the kidney belt was developed for a comfortable fit when walking and other movements to improve ergonomics.

15 x longer service life 


The Velcro fastener used not only has excellent adhesive properties, but is also made from high-quality material.


It allows the user to use the Velcro up to 15 times longer compared to conventional products. This increases the service life, especially with frequent use. 

Vulpés Nierengurt - beheizbarer Nierenwärmer mit hochwertigem Klettverschluss
Nierengurt beheibar mit Smartphonesteuerung

Heat control via smartphone!

With the back warmer from Vulpés, you can precisely adjust the heat output using your smartphone.


Simply download the mobile application from Google Play or the Apple App Store, configure your personal avatar and pair the Vulpés kidney belt with your smartphone.

Voila! Now you have the controls over the heat. 

Within a few seconds, the integrated graphene element warms up the back area of the heat belt completely.

Vulpés Smart Apparel - GooglePlay Sore

Heat control with the app

With the Vulpés app for iOS and Android OS, it is possible to adjust the warmth of the kidney belt to personal needs. The user can select their individual comfort temperature between 1 and 100%. 

memory function

The mobile application remembers your last heat setting. As soon as you use the app again, the kidney belt will heat up right where it last stopped. 

"Over air" upgrades
With the help of "over-air" upgrades, new properties and features can be added via an update of the app. In the future, the heated kidney belt will be equipped with additional functions.

Vulpés Nierengurt - beheizbarer Nierenwärmer mit Smartphone Steuerung

"Hey Siri, I'm cold"

With theVoice control for the Apple iPhoneyou can easily switch the Vulpés kidney warmer on and off with your favorite phrase and set your desired heat. You have the option of configuring your voice control yourself. 

Try it:

Vulpés Nierengurt - Wärmesteuerung per Smartphone
Vulpés Nierengurt - Wärmesteuerung per Smartphone
Black and White

Your individual heat time

With the Vulpés kidney belt, you have the option of setting your personal timer for heating the kidney, pelvic, or back area.


Whether it's before bed or warming up before exercise, the intelligent timer can help deliver the targeted heat in a predefined period of time and then turn off automatically. The function not only offers more convenience, but also saves battery life. 

Vulpés Nierengurt - beheizbarer Nierenwärmer mit individuellem Timer

Weitere Details zu den Vorteilen der Wärmetherapie und intelligenten Funktionen der neuen Generation des Wärmegürtels finden Sie unter dem Link: 

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Frequently asked questions about the heat belt


1. Is the power bank included?

The power bank is not included in the scope of delivery. The heat belt has an integrated USB cable in the pocket provided. This means that every customer has the option of using their individual power bank (max. 5V / 2A). However, we recommend using the Vulpés PowerBank for the optimal heating experience.

2. Can the Vulpés heat belt be washed?

For the cleaning process, we recommend hand washing without detergents. The electronics are completely sealed and are therefore waterproof according to IP67. After washing, it is advisable to dry the heat belt before using it again. Please do not use radiators for the drying process.

3. How long is the Vulpés kidney belt?

The Vulpés kidney belt is 108 cm long. The onyx black heated belt includes a 20 cm extension. 


4. How can I adjust the warmth of the Vulpés kidney belt?

You can control the Vulpés kidney warmer in manual mode (3 levels - yellow, orange and red) via the built-in button and via the smartphone.

The free mobile application can be downloaded from

a. Google Play Store (Link: or

b. iTunes (Link:

be downloaded.


5. How can I operate the Vulpés kidney belt with voice control?

The voice control for the Vulpés kidney belt can only be operated with Apple iPhones. Below are instructions on how to set up voice control. We ask you to have the kidney warmer close by and to ensure that it is connected to the switched-on PowerBank.

(1) Please download the Vulpés mobile application from the Apple App Store

(2) Install the app and add the Vulpés kidney belt by clicking the "+" icon. After pairing, you will be asked if you want to configure voice control. If you decide against this for the time being, please follow step (3), otherwise follow step (4).

(3) After the kidney belt appears in your inventory, please click on the belt icon. You will be redirected to the control menu and can adjust the heat by sliding on the circle. There is a voice control icon in the lower right corner. Please click this.

(4) A window with four predefined commands appears. Please click the "Add to Siri" icon

(5) You will get to a menu where you can configure your own command. For example, with the command "I'm cold" you can turn on the heat belt.

(6) If you remove the kidney warmer from the app, you will automatically delete all predefined voice commands.

Further details can be found in our mobile application for iOS at:


6. How do I set the timer?

The timer can initially be set for the iOS system using a mobile application. Please download the Vulpés mobile application from the Apple App Store. As soon as you have paired the kidney belt with your smartphone, an icon will appear on the control menu in the lower left area. Please click on the icon. An overlay appears where you can set the duration of the timer. The current duration is between 5 and 30 minutes.

As soon as you have selected the duration, the remaining running time is displayed on the icon. You can stop the timer at any time by clicking on the corresponding icon.

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