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From design to production

Your partner for intelligent products and systems

Vulpés Produktentwicklung

development of electronics

Vulpés Firmware development

Development of firmware and embedded systems

Vulpés Produkt- und Systemdesign

Product and system design

Vulpés Fertigung von smarter Kleidung

Development and production of components

Vulpés Entwicklung von mobiler Applikation

developmentof mobile applications for iOS and Android OS

Vulpés Fertigung von smarter Kleidung

Development and production of smart clothing and wearables

Product and system design

Vulpés can help you create the design you want, whether it's a component, a product or a connected system. Based on your specific requirements, the desired apparel can be developed using Vulpés technology as the "basic architecture". The aesthetics and the product look can be specifically adapted to your corporate design. Once the design project is complete, you will have a usable, physical prototype that can be used as the basis for performance testing and mass production.

Vulpés - vernetztes IoT System

Development of electronics and firmware

Vulpés develops application-oriented electronics, sensor-based components and battery modules. These can be manufactured in a waterproof and shockproof design_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d. The components are used in particular for the production of electronic products, smart clothing and wearables._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


The PCBs  can be found on die Heat generation, resilience, energy management, etc. can be tested. Further project-dependent tests are to be agreed individually with the customer  and to be coordinated with the respective project requirements. 

A robust firmware is required to control the electronics and to collect and process the sensor data . Vulpés is able to create the firmware for the control, monitoring and management functions, as well as for programming data storage, processing, analysis and evaluation models. These are required in particular for intelligent applications in which the products and systems are to function autonomously or semi-autonomously . 

Development of mobile applications

Vulpés has extensive software development skills for programming mobile applications for iOS and Android OS. The development includes, among other things

- UI/UX design

- Front and backend development

- Communication with third-party devices

- Data analysis, consolidation and evaluation

- Networking with IT applications, systems and products

- Connection to server or cloud systems

- Testing with different devices

Vulpés - UI für Vitaldatenüberwachung
mobile Applikation

Production of smart clothing, wearables and components

Vulpés offersIntegration solutions, customization andProduction of electronic and battery modules as well as sensors, heating elements, LED systems, solar modules and other components suitable for wearables and smart clothing as well as for home care applications. The required components and the associated product line can be found according to your_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_requirements are manufactured in the agreed quantities. 

Through years of experience, Vulpés has the expertisecomplete products and systems"all of a piece" based on therequirements  to be manufactured by the customer. 

thequality controlcan be done before, during and after production tailored to the needs of your company entirely by Vulpés .

Vulpés cancertificationandPermitfor the European, American and Asian economic area and already meets the relevant requirements for CE / EMC, FCC, UL, ROHS, REACH, LVD, RED, IEC 62133, etc. with the B2C products.


Benefits of working with Vulpés

Vulpés - cost savings

cost cutting

With Vulpés as a development and production partner, you have the opportunitycost-efficient new, smart products on the marketbring to. The reason for the savings are the already developed hardware and software modules and components, which can be adapted to your requirements. In addition, Vulpés uses the scaling effects at the_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Procurement of larger quantities of components, which lead to lower manufacturing costs.

Vulpés - time savings

shortening  the launch time

Thanks the VulpésIoT platformand the one already developedSubmodules as well as the established onessupplier networksthe time from the idea to the product launch can be significantly reduced. The average "time to market" of the previous projects from the final requirements to the delivery of the finished products was up to now8-12 months.

Vulpés - neue Technologien

Access to new technologies

Vulpés develops new technologies and improves software architectures in the field of smart clothing and intelligent applications. These can be implemented in customer projects without the customer requiring additional research and development resources. To ensure the compatibility of the software and hardware, Vulpés offers an "over-air upgrade" option and can therefore publish additional new features even after the product launch. This greatly increased the customer's competitiveness.

Vulpés - komplexe Projekte

Unconventional solutions

For both our brand and our customers, we always develop the most suitable solutions, taking into account the requirements of the customer application, the latest technologies and production processes , the technical feasibility and of course the economic aspect.

Erfahrenes Team

experienced team

In the past three years, we launched over 20 smart products for different applications and customer groups. Our team consists mostly of designers, engineers and production experts who work with great enthusiasm work on new technologies, materials and industrial processes. 

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