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"With smart clothes we improve itHealth, thewellbeing, thesecurity, theperfomanceand theproductivitythe human"

Vulpés - intelligente Bekleidung

Your superpowers in clothes

Invisibility, faster regeneration or active power generation. These and other properties could soon be part of clothing. The Vulpés IoT platform and the sensor fusion technology enable novel properties of the clothing. The portable helpers not only make life easier for everyone , they also enable new applications and solutions in the future.

Your invisible companion


Whether for sports, in your free time or at work: Vulpés supports you with high-quality and high-performance clothing. Die gelungene Verschmelzung aus der High-End Technologie und filigranem Design führt zu einem angenehmen Trageerlebnis und fügt sich so ideal into your everyday outfit. Our goal is that you can enjoy every outdoor experience to the fullest and feel comfortable at any temperature . 

Mobility is a core element

With the help of our mobile application you can also use your Vulpés clothing on the go. No matter where you are - riding a horse, on a motorcycle, or fishing - Vulpés provides you with the necessary warmth. So you can organize your everyday life flexibly  without being dependent on the weather. 

Supporting your health and well-being 


Wir möchten den Menschen helfen an kalten Tagen weniger zu frieren, um so dem Risiko einer Unterkühlung vorzubeugen. With the help of electric heating, you can warm up at will anytime and anywhere

The future of intelligent clothing


At Vulpés, we believe in the future of smart clothing as it will one day simplify and improve how we interact with our surroundings. Vulpés is currently working on thenext generation of smart clothing, which, for example, monitor vital data, recognize objects or measure the quality of the ambient air. 

Our IoT platform for smart clothing


The Vulpés IoT platform was developed to bring smart clothing to market more efficiently and with excellent quality. The IoT platform is modular in the form of a building block system for the software and hardware. With the help of algorithms  and the associated AI, this enables new interaction options such as voice and autonomous control and other smart applications with the help of the sensor fusion system. The clothing thus becomes smarter and can better support the wearer based on individual needs. 


The Vulpés roadmap consists of three coordinated and modularly structured development strands, the system, product and component development. All development is carried out in Germany at the main site in Kiel. 

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System Engineering

The focus of the system development  is the networking and integration of the hardware with the software and the expansion of the IT - related architecture (IoT platform).

In addition, an important area of development is, among other things, the human-machine interaction between the user and the mobile application as well as the intuitive user interface (UI) for simpler operation of the hardware.

System Engineering

Ausgehend von der Produktanwendung und dem „Use Case“ designen und entwickeln wir die Produkte für verschiedene Bereiche wie z.B. für das Sport-, Freizeit-, Arbeits-, Industrie-, Gesundheitssegment.

product development

Leistungsstarke Sensorik, langlebige Elektronik, und innovative Materialien sind einige Komponente, welche in unseren Produkten zum Einsatz kommen. Wir optimieren die Komponenten basierend auf den Produktanforderungen während der Anwendung, um somit ein ideales Zusammenspiel der Hardware gewährleisten zu können.



At Vulpés we optimize our productsComfort, performance, ergonomics and quality. In order to be able to guarantee this, we use high-quality components, especially in the areas of materials, battery and communication systems. Additionallywe test our productswith the help of the testimonials under different conditions and leave thatFeedback in product developmentflow in.

Before the product launch, all our products are tested byexternal, independent certification companytested.

When selecting the heatable and electronic products , please always pay attention to thecorresponding certificates, to thefunctionality and securityto be able to guarantee. We would like to create transparency here and present you with the most important certificates for heatable clothing. Click on the appropriate boxes for more information. 


production and sourcing

At Vulpés we always choose the best components and materials to manufacture our products. The manufacturing processes for intelligent clothing are very complex, as we have to use hybrid production methods to combine electronics and textiles. Up to 30 individual components can be used for a product .

- The map below shows the countries we source parts from -


Talents. Welcome.

We are looking for motivated people who want to pursue the mission together with us:  

People help through the use of technology

We also believe that every person has unique skills and strengths. Together with you we can shape the future of intelligent clothing. Feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved with Vulpés. 

Team Meeting
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