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Vulpés Mercury - Heated mittens

Vulpés Mercury - heated mittens for women are available in a limited edition in velvet black with two ring variations in the colors onxy black and rose gold. 


Fashion meets technology!


Vulpés Mercury is the first heated design mitten developed for everyday use. The product combines powerful technology with an elegant design. The high-quality materials and excellent workmanship "Made in Italy" make the mittens a visually appealing and at the same time functional accessory for the cold season. The graphene-based thermal technology and the waterproof electronics were developed in Germany and tested under various climatic conditions.


graph technology

Vulpés Mercury uses the novel graphene elements to generate heat. These are particularly efficient and safe compared to heating cables. In addition, the graphene elements offer even heat distribution, which significantly improves the wearing comfort and the thermal experience.


3 heat levels

The built-in button is used to control the heat up to 60°C and can be set to three levels (yellow = low / orange = medium / red = high) with a click.


battery life

Depending on the heat set and the outside temperature, the battery life is between 2 hours at maximum and 5 hours at minimum heat level.


premium materials

The Vulpés Mercury consists of an ultra-soft and fine material, which isolates the heat excellently and protects the hands from external weather conditions at the same time Has 50% thinner material thickness and is therefore less bulky.


Faux Fur / Eco Fur

Vulpés Mercury only uses hand-knotted artificial fur.



The material used has a natural breathable effect and allows excess heat to escape.


Waterproof electronics (IP67)

The built-in electronics are encapsulated with a dense plastic and protected against shock, water and moisture.


hand wash

Thanks to waterproof electronics, the heated mittens are suitable for hand washing.


Developed in Germany / Handmade in Italy

Vulpés Mercury is a European product that was designed and developed in Germany and handcrafted in Italy. The product is characterized, among other things, by first-class workmanship and material quality.

Vulpés Mercury - Heated mittens

€189.90 Regular Price
€159.90Sale Price
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